Many thanks to our generous donors!

English In Action is grateful to our supporters. Below is a list of individuals and organizations that gave in 2018. Listings represent cumulative giving for the year. Sponsors and supporters of our 2018 events are included separately below.

* Members of the English In Action American Dreamers group are indicated with an asterisk. American Dreamers have made a three-year commitment of $750, $1,500, $3,000, $5,000 (or more) per year. For more information, see 

** In-kind


Marx Family Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation*
Susan and Rob Pew*
Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund
Pitkin County Library


Aspen Community Foundation (ACF)
A.V. Hunter Trust
Isa Catto and Daniel Shaw/Catto Shaw Foundation
Elizabeth Koch
Susan and Fred Lodge*
The Louis and Harold Price Foundation
Jill Soffer and Steve Elder


Anschutz Family Foundation
Kim Chang and Jim Condit*
Julie Comins and Greg Pickrell*
Community First Foundation
Crawford Properties, LLC* (see also sponsors)
Sarah Frech and Stanley Erck
Jessica and John Fullerton
Stevie Gillman*
Julie Goldstein*
James P. and Brenda S. Grusecki Family Foundation
Nina and Matt Gworek
Jody and Andy Hecht
Paul J. Hoenmans and Judith Zee Steinberg Advised Fund at ACF
Dale and Kurt Hollinger
Jared Polis Foundation Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Randal M. Lipton
Nance and Ramón José López*
Nancy Magoon*
Ann Nichols*
Lynn Nichols and Jim Gilchrist Family Advised Fund at ACF*
Kelley and Mark Purnell*
Kelli and Allen Questrom*
Craig Robins
Thendara Foundation
The Thrift Shop of Aspen
Adelaide and Michael Waters


777 Investment Corporation
The Honorable Madeleine K. Albright/MAAK Foundation
Alpine Valley Services**
Mary and Greg Bright
Christ Episcopal Church of Aspen
Kim and Rob Coretz
Susan Gardner and Addison Leman Gardner
Lori and Gary Harada*
Jill and Curtis Kaufman
Melony and Adam Lewis Advised Fund at ACF*
Marcie and Robert Musser Advised Fund at ACF*
Lynn Russell and D. Stone Davis
Patti and George Stranahan
La Tricolor**
Wells Fargo 


Lizbeth Adams
Aspen Skiing Company Family Fund at ACF
Aspen Skiing Company**
Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty
City of Aspen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Auld
Austin Memorial Foundation
Judith Barnard and Michael Fain
Town of Basalt
Lara and Lenny Beaulieu*
Jorge Benitez
Sallie and Thomas Bernard
Michal Brimm and Michael McVoy/Ernst and Wilma Martens Foundation
Kay and John Callison
Town of Carbondale
Michele Cardamone**
Laurel and John Catto/Alpenglow Foundation
Lisa Chiles*
Charlie Cole
Sally Cole
Susan and John Cottle
Crawford Properties, LLC**
Patrick Curry*
Jocelyn and David Durrance
Tish Filiss
Marilyn Frias
Michael Fuller
Lily and Ron Garfield
Sally Glenn
Amy and Barry Gordon*
Helene Gude and Gregor Kolpus*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Guggenheim
Jennifer and Matt Hamilton*
Marilyn Hill Harper
Denise Hoogland*
Diane and William Hunckler
Kahn Marker Family Advised Fund at ACF
Mike and Laura Kaplan Advised Fund at ACF
Katie Kitchen and Paul Kovach*
Lisa and Kurt Krass
Sarah Ludington
Deborah and Lee Meisel
Laurie Michaels Advised Fund at ACF
Kat and James Moser
Nancy and Joseph Nevin
Ann O’Brien
Cathy O’Connell and Fred Venrick*
Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary
Nicki Osina
Lesa and John Oudt
Yosefa and Craig Platt*
Barbara Reese
Barbara Reid and David Hyman*
William Rodman
Amy Schliem
Andrew Scott
Ellen Silver
Terri Slivka
Carol Soffer
Erin Spiess/The David C. Hawley Foundation
Shelley Summers
Anne and Bill Tobey/Tobey Foundation*
Linda Vitti Herbst
Soffia Wardy
Karen Wing
Maggie Woods
Woodson K. Woods
Jennifer Woods-Tierney


Kelly Alford and Glenn Rappaport
Joyce Amico
Jim Aresty
Cynthia Barnard and Leonard Grossman
Gina Berko and David Fleisher
Castaways Foundation
Janelle and Boone Caudill
Kathy and David Chase
Kim and Nick Coates
Chelsea Congdon Brundige
Wendy R. Davis and Alan Schoenbaum
Sistie Fischer
David Floria
Barbara Fretz
Alexandra Halperin and Daniel Sadowsky*
Sandy and George Kahle/The Kahle Foundation
Jane Kelly
Debbie and Gary Kreutzer
Marcella Larsen
Rosemarie Lavender
Linda Lay
Dianne and Jim Light
Martha Luttrell
Sue O’Bryan Kinney
Fonda Paterson
Merbie and Thomas Payne
Pitkin County Library**
Anne and Arnold Porath
Maureen and Greg Poschman
Sara Ransford/The Arches Foundation
Anne Rickenbaugh
Marc and Helen Rubenstein Philanthropic Fund
Susan J. Rudd
Karen and Yuani Ruiz*
Luky Seymour
Sarah and Richard Shaw/BF Foundation
Sandy Smith
Babette Sobel
Katie and Mike Solondz
Bari M. Stahl
Eden Steele and Bart Johnson*
Phat Thai**
Cheryl Towning
Bob Ward
Jacque Whitsitt*
Kris and Roger Wilson
Julie Wooley
Alex Yajko 


Barbara and John Gold Advised Fund at ACF
Kathleen Albert
Bruce Berger
Kitty Boone
Kim and David Briscoe
Ruth Carver
Rona and Jeffrey Citrin
Gretchen Cole
Shinta Damayanti and Ketut Siladarmawan
Annie Denver
Marcel Dorsey
Amy Eskind
Facebook campaigns
Julie and Jon Fox-Rubin
Jane and Bill Frazer
Aubrey Gordon
Tim Hall
Margaret Hammel**
Mary Ann and Jim Harris
Mary Hirsch
Kathy Honea
Adele Hubbell
Sandy and Peter Johnson
CP and Stephen Kanipe
Dori and Robert Libson
Karen Lord
Julia Marshall
Kevin McDonald
Genna and Jakob Moe
Christine and Richard Montgomery
Marjory Musgrave and Frank Peters
Susan O’Neal
Hensley and James Peterson
Bill Poague**
Dipika Rai
Jane Rich
Tim Riggins
Lisa Robbiano and Glenn Kotz
Lorraine Schapiro
Kim Scheuer
Mimi Schlumberger
Bill Schoeberlein
Janet Schoeberlein
Melissa Temple
Robin Tolan


Denise Abate**
Krista Abbaticchio
Brooke A. Peterson Advised Fund at ACF
Jim Albert
Thorsten Anderson
Anonymous (x5)
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP
Kate Bacon and Chris Woods
Dawn Barton
Alan Becker
Nell and Bill Birk
Bookbinders Basalt, LLC
Timothy Brown
Kimbo Brown-Schirato
Meredith and Dan Bullock
Jill Cohen
Sam Corbin
Robin Danell
Alice Davis
Mary and Tom Deacy
Nohemi Diaz and Miguel Revilla
Mary Dominick Coomer
Caroline Duell
Michaele Dunsdon
Sally and Chris Faison
Sheryl Sabandal and Sean Fick
Jim Finch
Fran Freedman
Amy and Rob French
Heather Froelicher
Ginni Galicinao
Carson Gilchrist
Lari Goode and Mark Fischer
Elisa Gordon and Christopher Cronin
Elaine Grossman
Janey Gubow and Nikifor Budsey
Charlene and Dan Guggenheim
Tara Haas
David Hamilton
Angela Hanley and Danny Stone
Jane Hendricks
Carrie Hennefeld
Kristen Henry
Tresi Houpt
Sarah and Ben Kelly
Alex Kendrick
Re Kompitaksin
Karen Kribs
Lindsay Lofaro
Judi and Bob Loubier
Michele McClinton
Donna and Tim McFlynn
Lynn Nichols**
Cathy O’Connell**
Denise O’Connor
Meredith and Charles Ogilby
Jennifer O’Keefe
Barbara Owen
Brooke Paparo
Patty Patterson
Marj Perry
Jayne and Bill Poss
Renee Prince
Laura and Mike Pritchard
Emily and Ken Ransford
Catherine Reagan
Steven Rittvo/Innovation Project Development
Katha Rossein and Ron Razzore
Mary and Loren Ryerson
Jessica Salet
Ann Samuelson
Suzanne Scheer
Rachel Schmidt
Judy Schramm
Seven Star Rebekah Lodge No. 91
Carole Sharp
Shelly Sheppick and Stu Urfrig
Olivia and Jackson Emmer
Margaret and Mike Simmons
Kelly Slivka
Bettina Slusar
Lorraine and Pat Spector
Sandy and Stephen Stay
Jill Steindler
Terry Stephenson
Lou and Raymond Stover
Libby Sullivan
Karin, Elliot, and Sarah Teague
Missie Thurston
Linda and Dennis Vaughn
Ruth and Bob Wade
Diane Wallace
Donna and Tom Ward
Anne Whetzel
Polly Whitcomb
Lara and Marc Whitley/The Brady Foundation
Cassidy Willey
Maarja and Mark Wisroth
Suzanne Wolff and Gary Tennenbaum
Scott Woods 

up to $99

Jo-Anne Ahrens
Amazon Smiles
Kurt Bauer
Nell Birk**
Retta Bruegger
Kristin Carlson
Beth Cashdan
Ana Castillo
Olivia Chacon
Liz Chapman
Nicole Christianson
Carolyn Cipperly
Susan Conklin
Kathy Cox
Sue Coyle
The Crum Family
Jacky Daly and Larry Swift
Barbara D’Autrechy
Cathy and Patrick Derby
Elyse Elliott
Olivia Emery and Michael Hassig
Katie Fales
Marguerite Flett
Sara Garton
Andrew Gilchrist
Pam and Tom Gray
Wendy Hahn
Carol and Jud Hawk
Carmen Herrera
Sallie Hoefer
Tracy Holcombe
Susan Jenkins
Susan Johnson
Tricia and Heath Johnson
Deb Jones and John Katzenberger
Carolyn and Bill Kane
Mary Kearney and Jane Kelly
Finn Kelly
Wewer Keohane
Penny Kinsman
City Market Cares
Kate Lapides and Eric Black
Denison Levy
Jan MacCready
Maria Alicia Magaña
Laurie and John McBride
Douglas Mendoza
Lorraine Miller
Cathy Click and Bernard Moffroid
Virginia Mora
Lauren and Mark Munger
Cindy Net
Virginia Newton
Almendra Monarrez and Omar Orozco
Michael Owsley**
Brenda Paredes
Buzz Patten
Polly Pollard
Haidith Ramirez
Zulma Ramos
Deb Rice
Enid Ritchy
Tamara and Jamie Rooney
Donnie Ryan
Maria Salcedo
Lee Shainis
Shirley and Robert Stone
Shelley Supplee
Anne Teague
Laura Thielen
Suzanne Tory
Griselda Vega
Julie and Andre Wille
Beth and Pierre Wille
Katie Woods and Silvia Guijarro
Beth Wysong

Honorary Gifts

In honor of Judith Barnard and Michael Fain
Cynthia Barnard and Leonard Grossman

In honor of Kim Chang
Brenda and Jim Grusecki

In honor of Julie Comins Pickrell
Lara and Marc Whitley

In honor of Shinta Damayanti
Kim Scheuer

In honor of Alejandra Dominguez
Enid Ritchy

In honor of Susan Drazin
Amy and Barry Gordon

Patty Patterson
Katha Rossein and Ron Razzore

In honor of Julie Fox-Rubin
Karin Teague

In honor of Barry and Amy Gordon
Susan Conklin
Elisa Gordon and Christopher Cronin
Aubrey Gordon

In honor of Angela Hanley
Shirley and Robert Stone

In honor of Kristin Jensen
Michaele Dunsdon

In honor of Sarah Kelly
Kate Bacon and Chris Woods
Maggie Woods

In honor of Collette Newell and Nich Chan
Missie Thurston

In honor of Ann Nichols
Kay and John Callison
Nance and Ramón José López
Lynn Nichols and Jim Gilchrist

In honor of Lynn Nichols
Kay and John Callison
Mary and Tom Deacy
Andrew Gilchrist
Carson Gilchrist
Tricia Johnson
Nance and Ramón José López
Ann Nichols
Anne Teague

In honor of Carmen Rosa Alvarado and Julian Rosa
Karen Lord

In honor of Aranzazu Santana
CP and Stephen Kanipe

In honor of the Schendler-Freedman family
Fran Freedman

In honor of Janet Schoeberlein
Lara Beaulieu

In honor of Maria Zelaya
Nell Birk

In honor of Caroline Tory
Suzanne Tory

In honor of Gloria Velasquez
Suzanne Scheer

In Kind Donations

Denise Abate**
Nell Birk**
Michele Cardamone**
Crawford Properties, LLC**
Margaret Hammel**
Pitkin County Library**
Lynn Nichols**
Cathy O’Connell**
Michael Owsley**
Bill Poague**
Alpine Valley Services**
Aspen Skiing Company**
Phat Thai**
La Tricolor**


We thank the many individuals who purchased tickets to our 2018 events! 

** Indicates in-kind sponsors 



Alpine Bank


Alchemy Audio Visual**
Berthod Motors
Bethel Party Rentals**
Crawford Properties, LLC (see also donors)
Eagle Crest Nursery**
Frias Properties
Savage Excavation
Timberline Bank
Town of Basalt
Wass Campbell Johnson Rivera & Velasquez
Harrington Smith**
Aspen Skiing Company**
La Tricolor**
Alpine Valley Services**
Aspen Public Radio**
Aspen Times**
Harriman Construction
Obermeyer Wood Investment Counsel
Reese Henry & Co
Umbrella Roofing 


Aspen Alps
Custom Body Fitness**
Jaywalker Lodge
Jazz Aspen Snowmass**
Smith Immigration
Sopris Liquor & Wine** 


Aspen Daily News**
Blue Tent Marketing
Escape Garden Design
Gems of Aspen**
Mark & Barbara Schmidt
Red Onion
Regan Construction
Stripped Mixer**
Suerte Tequila**
The Gant 


A+ Accounting
Aspen Medical Care
Basalt Quick Lube
Jimbo’s Liquors**
Mt. Daly Enterprises
Steeplechase Construction
Sure Thing**
Wolf Gensch Construction 

Under $100

Bookbinders Basalt**
Bristlecone Mountain Sports**
Custom Body Fitness**
Mystique Beauty Salon**
Smoke Modern Barbeque**

Prize Donations for Fiesta de Tamales

Alpine Bank**
Aspen Skiing Company**
Bristlecone Mountain Sports**
Custom Body Fitness**
Element 47**
Gems of Aspen**
Mystique Beauty Salon**
Smoke Modern Barbeque**
Sure Thing Burger**
The Little Nell** 

Please forgive any omissions or errors.