By The Numbers

What’s happening with us

Thanks to the generous ongoing commitment of our donors, volunteer tutors, and adult learners, English In Action has improved the lives of thousands of individuals and families in our region since 1994. We measure our impact through the numbers served, services offered, and changes in language skills, as well as improvements in the quality of life for both adult learners and volunteer tutors.

At a glance:

In total, during fiscal year 2022-2023, 386 adult learners and 285 volunteer tutors directly participated in English In Action’s programs. Our programs continue to grow and thrive!

  • We serve our participants through in-person, virtual, and hybrid class formats
  • Our Digital Literacy and Equity Program has more than doubled its impact, growing from 25 to 81 students.
  • Our volunteer tutors and adult learners logged 11,674 hours
  • We offered 67 community activities and workshops for our students, tutors, and families.
  • 1,066 participants took part in our community engagement activities including storytelling workshops, civic leadership, art and outdoor activities, and more.
  • 72% of students demonstrated improved English language skills.


  • 79% of students reported increased confidence, a critical factor to attaining language acquisition.
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    • 97% of tutors polled reported an increased awareness of and compassion towards immigrant issues.

    Our outcome measures are as follows for students completing a year+ in individual tutoring:

    • 87% of learners improved their English skills & test scores (speaking, listening, reading)
    • 83% of learners reported higher self-confidence


    English In Action events help raise awareness of our work in the Aspen Valley and bring together community members from all walks of life.

    • Each summer, 200+ guests support our Summer Benefit and enjoy a mission-centric program featuring heart-warming stories from our program participants.
    • Our yearly Immigrant Voices storytelling event enlightens and entertains audiences from throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.
    • Our family-friendly fundraiser, Fiesta de Tamales, brought together hundreds of community members from different backgrounds to celebrate diverse cultures and enjoy a homemade tamale meal.