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Building Community for the Future

For 30 years, English In Action has welcomed immigrants to their new home in the Roaring Fork Valley. We now need your support in creating a new home for English In Action.

We have launched our Welcome Home campaign to raise $5 million to build the English In Action Center for Communication in our existing El Jebel location. Our new Center will create a warm, welcoming, and productive learning environment for adult immigrants and ensure that everyone in the Valley has a place to feel heard, honored, and celebrated. What’s more, it will allow us to substantially grow our programs in the years to come.


Be a part of building a vibrant place where students and tutors can come together to learn and make lifelong friendships.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like YOU, we have raised over $4 million of our $5 million goal! Together, with our community’s help, we can raise the remaining funds needed to build our permanent home in the mid-valley.

Your investment in our $5 million capital campaign will provide English In Action with a much-needed new facility that demonstrates how seriously we take the work of creating community. To support the Welcome Home campaign, click the MAKE A PLEDGE button below. Complete your pledge form and email it to info@englishinaction.org or mail it to English In Action, PO Box 4856, Basalt, CO 81621. Thank you!

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Our facility is a 40-year-old modular building whose roof, structure, and mechanical systems are deteriorating. While English In Action currently serves close to 400 students per year, the demand for our programs has always been substantially higher. Our new Center for Communication will allow English In Action to meet our community’s growing needs.


Relationships are built when we have common causes and share common spaces. English In Action’s new Center for Communication will allow hundreds more members of our community to make new friendships and acquire language skills that create a positive ripple effect throughout our Roaring Fork Valley.

Your support of our new Center will allow English In Action to amplify the good we are doing in the Roaring Fork Valley. In our new home we will be able to:

  • Host larger public community events and volunteer trainings for 20-60 people
  • Serve more participants by scheduling and executing multiple class sessions concurrently
  • Welcome one-on-one tutoring pairs to versatile and private meeting nooks
  • Remove the burden of finding childcare by providing a safe play space for children accompanying parents
  • Increase staff productivity and support of participants with flexible workspaces
  • Prepare and share meals in an upgraded kitchen

For more information on the Welcome Home Campaign or to visit our site, contact our Development Director, Heather Hicks Stumpf at heather@englishinactionon.org or (970) 963-9200.

Welcome Home Team

Campaign Cabinet


Lara S. Beaulieu

Julie Comins

David Floria

Susan Lodge

Pat McMahon

Heather Hicks Stumpf

Alexandra Yajko-Willins

Pat McMahon

Building Committee


Lara S. Beaulieu

David Floria

Robert Hubbell

John Keleher

Yuani Ruiz

Dyna Mei Sanchez

“English In Action is not just an organization focused on supporting people to learn a second language, but an organization that creates strong relationships based on respect between tutors and students. Those relationships help students, like me, develop a sense of strength and belonging. For many of us, English In Action is a second home.”

Beatriz Ferrufino, English In Action staff member and student.