Our Students and Tutors

Each year English In Action works with hundreds of inspiring and dedicated adult students and volunteer tutors who live in the Roaring Fork Valley between Carbondale and Aspen. We hope that you enjoy reading some of their stories.

Our students are hard-working adults who are dedicated to building lives in the Valley. Though most of them come from Spanish-speaking countries, we have worked with individuals from more than 30 countries on six continents. Our students come from a wide range of educational, professional and cultural backgrounds. All are learning English as a foreign language. While some are complete beginners, others speak English well, but need to hone their reading, writing or speaking skills.

Our students often tell us how important it is for them to learn English. They explain that speaking more English will help them to get more work, speak to their children’s teachers, communicate with doctors and patronize English-speaking businesses. Many of our students also need more English in order to pass a GED, go to college or earn citizenship. Individuals who have had to call 911 or who have had a medical emergency explain that speaking English is essential to their safety and well-being. One student said to us that “learning English is like having air to breath.”

Our tutors come from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. They range in age from 18 to 95. While some speak Spanish and other foreign languages, many do not. And while some have prior teaching experience, others do not. What our tutors have in common is a desire to help another individual learn an invaluable skill—the ability to communicate in English. Our tutors often tell us that being involved in our program helps them as much as it helps their students. They have the opportunity to make a difference in another person’s life and to become friends with an individual from a very different culture and background.