Immigrant Voices

We are thrilled to share these powerful and brave stories!

Live Storytelling

We believe that storytelling has the power to create a more connected community by fostering greater respect and understanding based on shared human experiences. We all have tales of love, loss, and family, no matter where we come from originally. In November 2017, English In Action debuted a live storytelling event called Immigrant Voices. Six immigrant community members—four of whom were our students— were coached by Alya Howe of Writ Large in the art of storytelling in front of a live audience.

Congratulations to Maria Elena, Alex, Luly, Sandra, Bernard, and Gabriela for putting their hearts into their stories this year and providing the packed house a window into their many different life experiences, challenges, and adventures.

Year after year, English In Action’s Immigrant Voices event bridges cultural divides by bringing people together to honor our differences and highlight our shared human experiences.

Many thanks to all who supported this year’s event and whose commitment to English In Action’s mission makes our work possible. For a limited time, you can watch Immigrant Voices 2024 livestream by clicking the link below.


We are grateful for the contributions of all our storytellers, past, present, and future. Please take a moment to watch and listen to their stories by viewing the video links below.

2022 Stories

Check out English In Action’s YouTube channel to watch the full show.

2021 Stories

2020 Stories

Full program, Live streamed November 2020 featuring Elvis Estrada, Berenice Forrest, Arabella Marmolejo, Tobias Rimkus, and Ricardo Zavala (65:58 min)

2019 Stories

2018 Stories

2017 Stories and Interviews

Our 2017 storyteller’s performances have been edited together with interviews on their stories. Enjoy these in conjunction with the discussion guide or on their own.

Discussion Guide

With the support of Aspen Community Foundation, we have created a discussion guide to be used by businesses, schools, churches, and community groups interested in deepening their awareness of cultural differences and the experiences of immigrants.

Please let us know you used the guide and give us feedback here.