American Dreamers

Providing essential support


A group of individuals and businesses that support English In Action’s programs on an ongoing basis. They believe that immigrants are vital members of our community and the ability to speak English is the cornerstone to success. By supporting English In Action on a multi-year basis, they are helping to ensure that we have a healthy, well-integrated community, where everyone has the tools they need to achieve their dreams.

Support from the American Dreamers Giving Circle is essential to English In Action’s efforts to serve an increasing number of adult immigrants in the years to come through language and leadership programming.

Level of Support

Visionary         $5,000 or more a year for three years

Leader             $3,000 – $4,999 a year for three years

Partner            $1,500 – $2,999 a year for three years

Friend              $750 – $1,499 a year for three years

Benefits of Membership

  • The opportunity to be part of a progressive group of individuals and companies who are deeply committed to recognizing the contributions and innate potential of all members of our community.
  • Invitations to events celebrating the American Dreamers and other English In Action events.

If desired…

  • Featured listing in our Annual Report.
  • Listing on English In Action’s website.
  • Recognition at events and in other printed listings and ads.

Become an American Dreamer.

The American Dreamers Giving Circle
Members—Active Members 2022-2023*

Dates indicate first year of participation.

VISIONARIES ($5,000-$30,000)
Crawford Properties (2015)
Jessica & John Fullerton (2021)
The Lynn Nichols & Jim Gilchrist Family (2012)
Western Slope Materials / Casey Concrete (2019)

PARTNERS ($1,500-$2,999)
Jean Campbell & Patrick Morrissy (2020)
Lisa Chiles (2017)
Stevie Gillman (2017)
Lori & Gary Harada (2013)

FRIENDS ($750-$1,499)
Lara & Leonard Beaulieu (2009)
Julie Comins & Greg Pickrell (2017)
Patrick Curry (2015)
Shinta Damayanti & Ketut Siladarmawan (2021)
David Floria (2019)
Helene Gude (2018)
Sandy & Peter Johnson (2021)
Katie Kitchen & Paul Kovach (2010)
Catherine O’Connell & Fred Venrick (2017)
Yuani Ruiz (2009)
Eden Steele & Bart Johnson (2011)
Natalie Travers (2019)
Alexandra Yajko & Donn Willins (2020)

*Each member has made a commitment to give annually at the above levels for three years.
For a full list of supporters, visit here.