Victor and Liz

the need

The health and well-being of our community depends on all members being able to communicate effectively with each other. In a survey English In Action conducted in 2008, nearly every respondent reported that the language barrier was a significant issue in our community. This has been reinforced by more recent surveys, in which immigrants in our area overwhelmingly report a need and desire to learn more English. When adults learn more English, it not only helps them, it also helps their children, since the educational attainment of children is closely linked to that of their parents.

Currently, English In Action has a waiting list of more than 100 adults who would like a tutor to help them learn more English. While many wait for well more than a year for a tutor, they are eager to get started when a tutor is available. English In Action is working to steadily grow in order to serve more of the people on our waiting list each year. Since 2008 we have tripled the number of people we serve, but there is still more work to be done to reduce the time on our waiting list.  Please help us by volunteering as a tutor or by donating to support our programs.