about the portraits

michelleThe black and white portraits of English In Action tutors and students are taken by local photographer, Michele Cardamone. The portraits show the heartfelt and unique cross-cultural friendships that develop between the organization’s tutoring pairs in the process of learning English. The joy and pleasure evident in these relationships tells an important story. Often times we see only the cultural divides in our community. These can be bridged when people are willing to work together and forge friendships.

In 2012, Michele Cardamone came to English In Action with the idea of taking a series of high-quality portraits of students and tutors against a consistent backdrop. Her vision was to capture the interactions and special relationships that develop within the organization’s tutoring pairs. Cardamone donated her time to complete the project. She was motivated by her desire to show the ways that one-on-one tutoring can transform the lives of both students and tutors. The end result is 22 dynamic portraits. Photographer and philanthropist George Stranahan donated the printing, and Bill Poague donated his time to mount and frame the photos.

The color photographs on this website of English In Action’s snowshoeing expedition were also taken by Michele Cardamone. The other color photographs were taken by English In Action’s staff and volunteers.