Joanna and Shinta

who we are

Most of us have experienced the intense frustration of not being able to express ourselves adequately. For Roaring Fork Valley residents who speak little or no English this is a daily (and often debilitating) experience.    English In Action was founded in 1994 to bridge the communication gap. Our mission is to strengthen the quality of life for everyone in our community by helping adults learn to read, write and speak English and by building cross-cultural relationships.    We do this through one-on-one and small group tutoring, weekly drop-in classes and specialized workshops designed to help students overcome obstacles to learning English.  As a result of these programs, our adult students are better able to obtain jobs, get medical help when their children are sick, support their kids in school, more effectively manage their daily lives, and become more engaged members of our community.     While learning English is the foundation of our tutoring program, we are proud to report that our students and volunteer tutors often develop deep and enduring friendships. Breaking down cultural barriers is no small feat, but the benefits of nurturing a more integrated, harmonious community––one in which everyone has a voice––are immeasurable.